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Recopile sus regalías editoriales globales

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Songtrust brinda a los compositores independientes e inéditos la capacidad de cobrar regalías de publicación en todo el mundo con una red de administración profesional.


Únase a más de 350 000 compositores, productores y titulares de derechos que usan Songtrust para cobrar sus regalías de publicación global. Regístrese hoy y obtenga un 10% de descuento en su membresía.

How It Works

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As soon as you join Playlister Club your songs will be promoted to an exclusive online ecosystem of playlisters actively looking to dig up new music.

Get more than just


Be really discovered

Your music is displayed on a dynamic dashboard and matched to playlisters specific curation and listening tastes. They can even listen, review and place your songs directly from our platform.

Many playlisters mindlessly read through endless submission inboxes. Instead, our playlisters carefully and manually select songs that truly match their playlists and music tastes. Never have your music lost in an inbox again!

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